Yup! You love me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Military Stamp!

Did I miss my time to go into the army? Should I? Would I?

There are tons of great reasons to go into the military. One is, you get the G.I. bill.....free schooling! whoa! Two, you get to travel. I could go on and on. The bad reasons....you are away from family. You don't get to live the way you want to live for at least 4 years....and going to war....death...yeah, big reason. I'm currently at a conundrum in my life and want a change....or should I say looking for an opportunity for change.

Would this be a good thing to do?

Friday, July 23, 2010


Lately I have decided one career I'm interested in. I want to be an Esthetician. I would like to do more than just facials and waxing though. I would like to get into laser treatments. I think it's interesting.

I keep thinking it might be boring to work in a clinic all day though. But then I think I would make a better income in a clinic.....so yeah. I just wish I could shadow a laser clinic, or a medi-spa one day. Just to see if my interest is anything to pay attention to.

I wish there was a shadowing service out there. Then you can see if you like something before spending a bunch of money on training. There are so many college students out there that waste so much money and time.

Shadowing...should be an option.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A dash of Career

For all that have careers....this might seem boring.

How do people decide what they want to do? I have yet to find something that I absolutely want to turn into a career. I try new things all the time and think....hmmmm....would I want to turn this into a business or career. I like to think I'm creative and use that for a career. But thats just wishful thinking. I haven't mastered any craft to say I'm excellent....Maybe I just need to keep trying new things until one clicks? I have people tell me that it's similar to love, it will come.

How long do you wait for it?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bucket List....maybe....

I would like to say bucket lists are kind of confusing. Usually people make them because they are ill and have been told that life is going to end soon. So first thought is, have I done everything I wanted to do?

My thoughts are everyone should make a list of new things they need to accomplish or try. I think most people that aren't ill think of this as goals. But you have to think of the things that scare you too. Not just things you want to accomplish.....I am starting a bucket list of sorts.....I plan to try as many new things as possible. I'm hoping it will make me appreciate every aspect of life.